Pizza storage containers to help keep pizza slices fresh. Learn more about Pizza Keepa. Pizza Keepa is great for fund raisers:  Schools, Churches, Scouts


pizzaPizza Storage Container - The Pizza Keepa

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Only $4.50 each container
( buy 1 or buy a million - pizza keepa's are great for chillin' )
Overall size:  Approx.  9.5 inches by  12 inches  //  approx. 2 inches high
BPA Free - Plastic

Our Pizza Keepa has been credited for it usefulness with fund-raisers.  School students can use their Pizza Keepa to keep pizza slices safe and sanitary.  Pizza for lunch? No worry about the mess or fuss.   Our Pizza Keepa's:

are stackable


seal tight, locking in freshness


are easy to clean


store multiple pizza slices


are available in quantity for whole sale

save money using the pizza keepa

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Pizza Keepa's are great for  ----   'SCHOOL FUND-RAISERS'


Call:  (941) 426-9856 or E-mail:


Order now for your long lasting Pizza Keepa @ $4.50 ea.  Call now for details.  Retail, Wholesale and other offers available. ▐ (941) 426-9856
Holds several slices of pizza.  Long lasting container, sealable lid, washable, durable, see through high quality materials safe for food.
Your logo or ours.  Advertise your establishment with your logo and phone number to thank your faithful customers / clients. 
Restaurants, Deli's, Pizzerias, Dinners, Wholesale Clubs, and many other places enjoy our fine line of Pizza products. 
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Great for School fund-raisers, fundraisers